Tuesday, October 22, 2013

(En - 22 Oct 2013) - Israeli planes reportedly overfly southern Lebanon

Israeli fighter planes and unmanned drones flew over two villages in southern Lebanon, Lebanon’s state-run media reported Tuesday.

The Lebanese National News Agency reported that fighter jets buzzed the villages of Arkoub and Hasbaya, in southeast Lebanon.

NNA also reported that Israeli drones flew over villages on the Lebanese side of the border near the contested Shebaa Farms region and an IDF patrol carried out a search along the Israeli side of the border.

A Hezbollah-affiliated news website reported that 15-20 IDF soldiers crossed an electrified fence with dogs and performed a search.

The fence lies several meters south of the Blue Line that serves as the de facto border between Lebanon and Israel.

The IDF was not available for comment.

In August, the Israeli Air Force struck targets south of Beirut in retaliation for rockets fired on Israel by terrorists in Southern Lebanon.

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