Friday, November 22, 2013

(En - 22 Nov 2013 - News) Israeli fighter jets reported flying over Beirut

Israeli fighter jets were seen flying Thursday over Lebanese territory, including above the nation’s capital Beirut, a Lebanese news agency reported.

According to the Nashera news agency, extensive Israeli Air Force activity has taken place over the country’s coastal regions, Israel Radio reported.
Last month, Lebanon’s state-run media reported that Israeli fighter planes and unmanned drones flew over two villages in the country’s south. The Lebanese National News Agency reported that fighter jets buzzed the villages of Arkoub and Hasbaya, in southeast Lebanon.
In August, the IAF struck targets south of Beirut in retaliation for rockets fired on Israel by terrorists in Southern Lebanon.
Sources in the United Nations asserted that Israel has more than doubled its overflights of Lebanese airspace compared to the previous year, suggesting preparations for possible action against Syria or Hezbollah.

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